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Fully Transparent Process

Listening to the increasing needs of our clients, we offer a fully transparent design process which is invaluable to the project outcome. Our designers, engineers, and project representatives work collectively to solve project related challenges with functional and aesthetically appropriate solutions. You will be actively involved in the design process to ensure the project is tailored specifically to your organization’s culture, values, and brand. Watch video >>

Markets We Serve

Our Team has experience in many industries. Here are just a few: public safety, healthcare, worship, education, financial, tribal, worship, restaurant, recreational, multi-family, senior living, and municipal. Our firm is the perfect size to take on any size project.
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We start by listening to your needs and vision. With our design expertise, we collaborate with you to develop creative solutions for your building. Our ultimate goal is to help create an environment in which you can work, live, and play for many years to come. To us, each project is unique and requires its own personal, comprehensive solution that satisfies the needs of all users/occupants.
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Our Mechanical Engineers design comprehensive plans and schedules detailing your building’s HVAC and plumbing systems. They carefully plan building specs such as load calculations, ventilation, and air distribution to name a few.  By designing a modern infrastructure, they create sustainable building designs with innovation and energy efficient solutions. They will review every aspect of energy efficiency and develop ideas for improved air quality and enhanced performance. Watch video >>


The Brunton Interior Designers will create functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing spaces by assessing space requirements and determining optimal furniture/equipment placement, all while adhering to the original design and necessary codes. Based on your overall goals and the function of the space, they will create purposeful and beautiful interiors. With a keen eye for detail, they will coordinate with other disciplines on projects when necessary. Watch video >>


Having Construction Admin Services in-house provides a seamless experience for you. The Construction Specialist will examine initial designs and determine if it’s constructable. They will critique drawings and analyze every detail across all design disciplines (civil, mechanical, architectural, electrical, etc.) By finding issues during the design process, it allows our team to update those elements before it your project reaches the construction phase. This service helps the project stay on schedule and within budget. Watch video >>

Master Planning

Our master plans address future needs of communities and ensure today’s decisions will support long-term goals. By integrating a mix of skills, master plans are tailored to you and your community. Our team explores your needs and then begins the design process. First, the investigation & discovery phase, then a design & collaboration phase, and finally resulting in a unique guide of suggestions and ideas — recognizing this vision will morph as developments occur. See our Master Planning projects >>