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Multi-Family housing caters to a variety of lifestyles. Our design team develops multi-family communities to be safe and inclusive to individuals and families of diverse backgrounds. The public amenity spaces should be inviting and offer a variety of activities. Our unit plans provide ample storage, privacy, natural light, and access to green outdoor spaces. Well-designed multi-family projects create a sense of pride and community amongst its residents by connecting individuals with shared interests and offering a variety of unit layouts.

Senior Living establishments often have multiple levels of care, and our design team prioritizes the security, safety, and comfort of the residents and facility staff in all areas of the design. We understand the stress and challenges that come with moving individuals from their home into a facility that offers professional care. Our design team brings ease to this transition by creating an all-inclusive atmosphere that incorporates natural daylight for an uplifting atmosphere, personal units with home-like finishes, and communal spaces that encourage socializing and family visits.