*Jungclaus Implement

Project Location - Glencoe, Minnesota

The Jungclaus Implement / Motor Sports Dealership has become a local community icon.  The contemporary design boasts a sense of dynamic movement that is indicative of the products they sell, motorcycles, ATV’s, and implement.  This precast building includes a large open retail display area within a tall clear spanned space for the motorcycles, ATV’s and tractors to be displayed.  The entrance is designed to grab attention from Highway 212 as well as helps to permit much needed light into the core areas of the building.  The stained concrete floors of the merchandise area are intended to withstand the daily movement of heavy equipment while maintaining a clean and polished retail atmosphere.  This 40,000 square foot building includes a large repair shop, motorcycle assembly area, implement repair stations, multiple offices, bridge crane system, mezzanine parts storage areas, break room, conference rooms, sales offices, and various storage areas.  

* This project was designed by Mr. Corey Brunton, AIA, as he was the Design Architect acting as the "Architect of Record" while employed at I&S Engineers & Architects.  Additional engineers, technicians, project managers and other various staff members were also involved in the development of the design work required to complete this project while under Corey's supervision.